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Dec. 24th, 2020 04:39 pm
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Because if I don't put it here, I know I'll forget it.

Ran primarily practices the Kyokushin kaiken style of karate, with some Shotokan and Shito-ryu thrown in. (Comparison here.) This means her style is primarily upright and circular, with a bit of kickboxing mixed in (as per Kyokushin standards), although she has a tendency to take deep stances for moves when she wants more power behind them. She also makes any head blows in either the form of a kick or a knee; she won't punch someone in the head unless she absolutely has to, partially because her training dictates that as a rule, and partially because that can really bust up your hand.

She's a skilled black belt nidan/second dan. Kyokushin dan rank requirements vary from country to country, so in some she'd be qualified as an instructor while in others that simply means she has tournament experience and has mastered certain kata. A better indication of her skill is her ability to break wood and concrete, as well as the fact that she won the prefectural tournament for her age and weight range along with the Kantou Taikai, a martial arts tournament for the Kanto region where any style of bare-handed martial arts is allowed.

As the Kyokushin style focuses on a lot of full-contact, unprotected sparring, she's seen her fair share of kumite and holds her own in real fights as well as tournament ones. Being above shodan level means that she had to go through (potentially) 40 rounds of hard contact sparring, which is often more than an hour's worth of non-stop fighting and is a good indication of her endurance. The mix of Kyokushin and Shotokan training, combined with her belt rank, also means she's decently versed in grappling, but her lack of size and weight as a woman makes it more difficult for her than the more traditional moves, and she tries to avoid it in real fights. She is versed in weapon usage, namely escrima, nunchaku, and tonfa.

She's looking at taking the test for her sandan in another couple of years or so, probably just after she graduates. As far as I can tell, achieving that rank would make her a qualified instructor in most areas, and eligible for tournament judging in others.


Kyokushin Karate KOs (backspin kicks)
Kyokushin Karate KOs (high kicks)
Kyokushin Karate KOs (low kicks)
Kyokushin Karate Legends: Kenji Midori
Kyokushin Breaking Set Kata
Kyokushin Karate Breaking
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This journal will now be used for [livejournal.com profile] rubycity_rp. Any DDD or other comm accounts still friending it, feel free to defriend (or stalk at your leisure).
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I can't find Conan-kun!!
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I certainly wasn't expecting a present from Kaitou Kid.

((Pfft, Kid left her a rose and chocolates.))


Dec. 24th, 2008 12:11 am
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Christmas gifts!
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((Follows this.))

Ran had been sitting on her bed while she browsed the community, laptop on her lap with her injured knee elevated on a couple of pillows. After the conversation on Hakuba's journal, however, she set the machine to one side with a huff, brows drawn together in an irritated frown. Honestly, what did Shinichi think he was doing? He hadn't called for ages, and then all of the sudden he just decided to show up and start stalking her online journal? How did he even know she had gotten one, anyway?

Conan-kun probably told him, the karateka grumbled to herself, carefully hobbling to the living room to get her cell phone out of her school bag. Sometimes she swore Shinichi talked more to Conan than he did to her. It was a little frustrating.

And then when he did decide to call her, it was to warn her against talking to Hakuba's mother. Oh, he'd better have a good explanation, all right.
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It was getting a bit late in the evening. Early enough that the sun still had some ways to go before it set, but late enough that the rest of the Shounen Tantei had just been called in for dinner. Ran (she'd been 'Reika' for most of the day - she wasn't very good at coming up with names, but luckily Conan-kun had gone along with it when she'd just blurted it out) waved to the children from her perch on the swing as they left.

The day had been . . . surprisingly enjoyable, actually. She'd had to skip school, of course, but Agase-hakase had kindly let her stay at his house until the virus wore off, and she'd found little things to do all day. Once the elementary schools let out, she'd gone to a playground near Agase's house with Conan-kun and the other Detective Boys. It was chilly out, but not so bad if you were wearing a coat, and she'd forgotten how much fun it was to play on monkey bars and slides and generally act like a grade schooler. She had the feeling she'd miss it a bit when she changed back to normal.

At least she was going to be changing back to normal.

Ran honestly hadn't believed Kuroba at first when he'd told her about the viruses, but she couldn't refute proof like this. It was a little scary, knowing that just going to an internet community could cause things like this to happen, but she was reassured by the fact that it wasn't supposed to last very long. Even if having to dodge her father was pretty inconvenient.

Although, still... Seeing the world from this angle, having to make up all the little white lies until it wore off... Something about it was disturbingly familiar. It was raising niggling little doubts that she thought she'd long since dispelled. After all, it had been proven time and time again that Conan wasn't Shinichi, hadn't it? There was no reason to be thinking that way, no matter how much she missed him. It was just looking Conan's age that was making her think that way, that was all. It had to be.

Pushing the unsettling thoughts out of her mind, Ran turned where she sat and smiled at Conan. "Do you want to go in for dinner too, Conan-kun?"
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It looks like there's a lot of problems on the community right now. I don't even understand half of what's going on, but... it seems terrible. Normal problems look like nothing next to things like World War II and... and things like stars going out. It makes me feel kind of silly for getting so upset over just little problems at home.

I'm still not sure what I can do about it. I've thought about talking to Phoenix-san, but... I really don't understand a lot about this place. I might just make things worse if I get involved. It's all pretty over my head. But still... I want to help.

That doesn't make me too idealistic, does it?
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What a week this has been! There hasn't been any cases, but I think stumbling across an internet community with people from different worlds more than makes up for it. I wasn't expecting to meet Aoko-san and Hakuba-san there, either.

It's a lot to get used to. I'm still not sure I believe all of it yet, either. But... that's only natural, right? It's so unreal, and it isn't like I've seen any proof yet. I can't exactly tell Dad. Who knows what he'd do with a place like this. And if Mom knew about it, she wouldn't let me come back here. I can't let that happen! If one of those viruses happens to Conan, I need to be able to help him.

At least most of the people I met are really nice, like Aoko-san and Colette-san and Himiko-san. If this is all real, I want to meet them someday.

...And now Sonoko-chan thinks I talk to cats. Just great.


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